Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Aboard....

I've bought a ticket for a trip to blogger expresss. The thing is, i'm not sure wether it is a one way ticket or a return ticket.

My encouragement for starting my own blog comes from my dearest wife. And of course my two closest friends. It took me quite some time for starting this journey as i had doubts on my own ability to write and to express my own thoughts.

Then it occured to me, what the heck... i might as well give it a try. Where do I start? There is so many junction in my journey that i can start from.
First of all,let me introduce myself. I'm a private practitioner (a private doctor) that own a clinic in a small town in Baling, Kedah Malaysia.

Sorry for the map, its quite blur as i am still learning on how to do stuff inside the blog. Maybe there is another map that i can show you.

If u can see, Baling is at the right lower corner near the border to Perak. I was previously working as a medical officer in Baling Hospital until last year when i decided to quit and start my own private practice. My home is also in Baling which is nearby my clinic. I have 3 boys and a lovely wife who is also working as a doctor, but currently she is pursuing her masters degree in Public Health at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Why Baling? Many of my friends and my family asked me that question. And most of the time i would answer back. Why not? I've lived in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and etc... It's too hectic and too many people. I'm a laid back person and like to take things slow. It's not that i can't live in those towns but i just can't stand the traffic, the rushing hours. Here, I can take my time slowly and the level of stress is very much lower. My workplace is just 2 minutes away by car, my sons kindergarten is just 5 minutes away. The post office, the banks is also within walking distance. If i want to go away once in a while, i can drive down to penang which is 1 hour drive or Kuala Lumpur about 4 hours drive.

Well, i think that's just about it for a short introduction. There is more to tell and more to share. see ya.

PS ...I've got a link on a map to Baling