Monday, July 20, 2009

Flu Bug...

It seems that the word H1N1 is becoming one of the famous words in Malaysia nowadays. Even my 5 year old boy knows the word but he doesn't know the meaning of the word.

The pandemic outbreak of the infuenza virus started in Mexico earlier this year and now has spread to all the continents in the world. In Malaysia until today has 874 cases involving locally transmitted and imported cases. The WHO also reported that the total number of cases worldwide is now 133,755 cases with 760 deaths from 155 nation. That means the percentage of cases is about 0.6%.

Last week i got a bad flu but it is not H1N1 as i'm not in contact with anyone with possible H1N1. I was out the whole week. But i had to brave myself to go to work. After 1 week it became better but now my little Afiq got the infection from me and now has gotten sick.

He started with mild fever and vomiting. And now has progressed to cough and running nose. Last nite his chest is getting thighter due to the phlegm. After giving milk to him last night he vomited out the milk along with all the phlegm. I had to wash him up at 3am in the morning and also clean up the vomit. It's tiring after recovering from the flu myself but i pity the little fella. He must be feeling really awful and bodyache as he wants to cling on to me most of the time.

I need to start him on antibiotics this evening as the phlegm is turning yellowish. I really hate it when my kids get sick. I hope this episode of flu would settle quickly.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Down The Memory Lane

It's always nice to take a trip down the memory lane, albeit a short one. Yesterday i took a very short trip. Down to the Kinta Valley or to be precise to Ipoh Town. I went there to attend my childhood best friends' wedding in Ipoh.

This trip is a bit extra special, as this is only the second time i met him for the past 20 years!. The other time that i met him was 7 years ago in Midvalley Kl. His name is Masrudy Asfar Mastor. He and Razman my other best friend during that period of time plus myself were unseparable. I could say that we were the 3 musketeers (without D'Artagne of course). The 3 of us would go anywhere together during school hours. And all of us were school prefects. I was the chubby one, Masrudy was the skinny one and Razman was the handsome one.

I would sleep over to his place during the weekends and brought along my SEGA console (which was very cool at that time, hehe) and some Transformers toys. We would play together with his 2 younger brother and a little sister that we shunned. No girls allowed policy at that time. And sometimes Masrudy and Razman would sleep over to my house. We had the time of our lives during primary school. Sadly after UPSR we went our separate ways. Razman went to STAR Ipoh and Masrudy went to SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh while i went to Anderson Ipoh. Then i shifted to JB and lost contact with them alltogether.

Yesterday, i finally got to go back to see him and went back to his home that we had so many good times together. All grown up. He was no longer the skinny one as he had become much bigger than me. Hehe. I couldn't make it to the Kenduri during the afternoon so i decided to go in the evening to his home. Luckily i still remember the way to his home but at near his house i got i bit confused as there were more houses now. They were planning for a short Sanding at the Pelamin inside the house for close family. I was fortunate enough to see them Sanding. The bride and groom wore a pearly white Baju Melayu and Dress which were matching.

I was treated with dinner of Nasi Minyak with Ayam masak merah, rendang, ikan tenggiri pedas, sate and cakes. It was worth the 2 hours drive. After a brief remininscing our childhood times, updating the present and discussing the future, the bride and groom were ready for the short bersanding. They were very happy. And i was too, seeing my old buddy after so many years. After the photo session, i made my way back to Baling. I'm glad that i decided to go to see him. It brought lots of great memories.... now, to find Razman and maybe the 3 musketeers will get back together...

getting ready to cut the pulut

one, two, cut...

wahhh... so manja....

a simple pelamin with the bride and groom

can't wait for tonight... haha

with the bride and the groom.. my old buddy Masrudy

A nice custom made choc bar that they made for the wedding

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Menunggu Pagi

Been like this for the whole week..

apa yg terjadi

dengan hatiku

ku masih di sini

menunggu pagi

seakan letih

tak menggangguku

ku masih terjaga

menunggu pagi


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me...

And my baby.. my own clinic. Its been 2 years exactly since i started my own clinic. and decided to embark on this journey.

This journey has been exciting, frustrating, enduring, with so many emotions that i can't even described or tell in a single blog entry.

I decided to start my own clinic after i made a decision that the life full of oncalls and pressure from higher authorities is not the life that i want to live. I for one is not the type that thrives on pressure as i am more of a laid back type. I like to listen to people. I give people chance to speak their mind. Sometimes working in the Government doesn't give me the opportunity to do that, even though i try my best to help and listen to their problems.

Having my own clinic gave me the opportunity to do that and even more. I can even go to do house calls and see patient in the comfort of their own home. People might say that owning a clinic can make you rich fast, i for one is not aiming for that. Helping people and seeing people get better is more rewarding sometimes. Most of the patient want the best that they can get from you and i try to do that. One day, the most rewarding compliment that i got is from a middle age lady that brought her mother to see me. She had said 'i wish to god that you will be healthy everyday, if you are not healthy who will tend to us'. I was so surprised to hear her saying that as no patient had ever said that to me. And seeing her face, she really meant it.

Insyaallah i will stay healthy for my own good and for my patients. And also for my family that i love so much...