Sunday, February 22, 2009

Revenge Is Coming

The Official Poster has been released by the official movie site

One of the main character in the movie. DEVASTATOR. Consists of the Constructicons.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy birthday dear boy...

You are now a full 7 years old. Forgive your dear dad for posting this entry a bit late. This year we (your mother and i) planned a small scale of celebration as we did not have the time to organize a party (and also due to the economy downturn, hehe)

As that day Aiman was schooling we decided to make a tea party. Nevertheless the small tea party was successful i might say. We invited our neighbours and also one of Aiman's schoolmate that was staying nearby. My wife worked her socks off to prepare the food. She made Soto Johore, Strawberry Pudding, Roti Jala, Baked Macaroni all on her on with a little help from our nanny Mak Lang.


The strawberrilicious pudding

Dig in people...

Aiman was being shy when we sang the birthday song to him. Abang Ngah couldn't wait ti get his hands into the cake. Oh! We bought a cake from Secret Recipe, Chocolate Banana which is Aimans' and Danials' Favourite cake. Then all the guest digs in to food. I must say that i am proud of my wife. She really can cook. Maybe that's why it is difficult to lose weight. Hehehe. We invited only our nearest neighbour and one of Aiman's classmate. And it's a girl. Aulia and her little sister Sarah. I always tease Aiman about Aulia and he would blush everytime i mentioned her. But Abang Ngah self-proclaimed that Aulia is his "Awek".... Where do the kids learn these words?

Aiman's Birthday Cake

The man of the house with the man of the hour

Aiman looking nervous...

Aiman finally getting his act together

"Nak kek ke nak soto?"

Guests eating with ermmm with the host

The cute Sarah

Aulia with Aiman and her future mother-in-law? hehe

Posing with the neighbourhood kids

The next day i decided to bring them to see a movie in Sunway Carnival Mall Prai. What show did we watched? Geng Pengembaraan Bermula. The animated movie is locally made based on the cartoon series in TV1 Upin dan Ipin. I had little reservation about the movie before i went to watch it but after seeing it i must say that i am very impressed with it. I can give it a perfect 10. The plot was simple but it was nicely narrated and the movie pace was very good. Heck, Aiman even cried in one of the scene of the movie. What is the movie about? well, you find out yourself. You won't be dissappointed.

Oopet and the other cast in the movie

Oh! What did i get Aiman for his birthday? Any takers? I gave him 2 transformers, 1 is from my own personal collection, a vintage Apeface Headmaster and a commemorative reissue of Astrotrain. Aiman loves it both. He even slept with it that night. Aiman also cheekily asked his mother a gift and his mother responded in a similar manner by saying "Mak dah masak semua untuk birthday aiman, tu hadiah mak"

Apeface with Astrotrain

Astrotrain MIB (Mint in Box)

Aiman would put it back after playing with it

Jet mode Apeface

Apeface with Spasma (the head)

Robot mode

Ape mode

Then we went for dinner at Nando's which also another favourite place for Aiman. Oh, both of them also got themselves a new watch each. We went back straight home after dinner. maybe next year we could make a bigger and better event.

Aiman and Danial with their watches.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Every cloud has a ......

God works in a mysterious ways. I was feeling on the top of the world when suddenly i was brought back down. Literally and figuratively.
everything was going according to plan but something goes awry. It left a mark in me. and also it left a valuable lesson for me. A lesson of humility, a lesson of great importance. It showed me that life is short and life is not yours and it is loaned by God.
But I will learn from this.. I will be ready after this. I will be grateful after this. And I will be stronger after this.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What's Up?!

I don't usually comment on the political situation in our country, but the current situation in Perak really makes me wonder.
Are these politicians really working for the people or working for something else? It sickens me that these people were so called elected to work for the people. The way that i see it that these people only work if there is something for themselves. Yes, there are still few that sincerely work for the good of the people but generally and collectively i doubt it.
I just hope that goodness will prevail as well as common sense. I'm really tired of all these brokering for power and they should just concentrate in serving the people.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Malaysia has abundance of places of interest to visit. We have the one of the oldest rainforest in Belum Forest, the tallest mountain in SouthEastAsia, World heritage site in Penang and Malacca, and also an important archaelogy site such as Gua Niah (Niah Cave) in Sarawak, Lembah Bujang (Bujang Valley) in Kedah and also Lembah Lenggong (Lenggong Valley) in Perak.
A few days back Centre for Archaelogical Research Malaysia made an announcement that there was evidence that humans existed dated back to 1.83 million years back in Bukit Bunuh, Lenggong. Wow!! Can't believe that we actually had humans living from 1.83 million years ago. It's just a pity that this news wasn't covered much in our mass media. It's a big deal as this showed that Malaysia is one of the few places in the world that has evidence of early humans.

Look Ma! I'm digging with my bare hands..LOL

Actually Lenggong is located not far away from Baling, Kedah where i am now which is about 100km. And i have passed through most of the times when i want to go to Kuala Lumpur. I had wanted to visit the archaeological site in couple of occasions but i never had the chance to.

In Lenggong they have the Lenggong Archaeological Museum. It houses the famous "Perak Man". They also has the archaeological site where they dig stuff up...ermmmm... very old stuff. I wonder if they are going to find any Dinosaurs Bones?
I should take some time off to go and visit the place. It is interesting to know new stuff and new knowledge. Anyone want to join?