Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terry Fox 2011

Last weekend the Terry Fox run was held in Padang Merbok in KL. To tell you the truth i haven't heard of this run before, not until i was coaxed by my friend to join it. He said it was for charity and also it is only a 3.6km run. So, i said ok lah.

The run was started by Terry Fox, he was diagnosed of having an osteosarcoma, a type of cancer of the bone on his right leg. His right leg was amputated as a way to stop the cancer from spreading. He was frustrated by the lack of cancer research at that time, and he was determined to make a difference by raising money to help cancer research. He was determined not to make his disability an excuse not to reach his goal by participating in a marathon. His determination and tale is truly amazing. I truly hope that we can also do something like this not just for cancer, but other reasons as well.

The Terry Fox run was initiated by a man named Isadore Sharp who himself lost a son due to cancer. The run was first held in 1981 which is now in its 31st year. It is a nonprofit run with no sponsors allowed during the run. Anyone can join it as it is considered an informal run.

Group photo with new acquaintances 

My running buddy

Chit chat before the run

Trying to control handsome.. :P

Meeting new friends

I promise i won't run.. don't shoot me..

Looking at a chick stretching (just kidding, hehe)

My friends schoolmate from MCKK

Post run (walking) with our cold Milo

Considering it is an informal run, i decided to just walk (plus i couldn't if i wanted to as there is no room for me to run). Let's just say that the first 1.5km is just walking but then next km i ran as the sun is already shining and it is hot, hehe. Anyway, its a nice weekend and another weekend is upon me. The Penang Bridge International Marathon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



That's the word that keeps on playing in my mind today. Humility to god, and towards other human being. As i was driving back from Kuala Lumpur to Baling, something happened on the highway. I was speeding on the highway with a bend coming, as i approach the bend. I saw people with torch lights waving like mad. I immediately push the brakes to bring my car to stop. Then i looked in front of me, a bus across the road. I was shocked and chills surge through my spine. Thank god i managed to stop my car and pass through slowly from behind the bus.

From what i conclude, the bus was coming from the other direction of the highway (from North to South) and it can't negotiate the bend and smashed through the divider and onto the side of the highway. I cant see if there are other cars involved, but the front of the bus was totally smashed. Then i realized that the accident must have happened about 20-30 mins prior to that, and now i understand why i had woken up late that morning. God was helping me, an insignificant soul among billions of souls. Had i woken up with my regular   time i most probably would have been there at the same time during the bus crashed. You might say that maybe i would have not but you can say too that maybe it could.

God is with us, always. We can only pray and say Alhamdulillah with all the things that God has give to us. Ameen.

I try to be humble around other people too. Yesterday i met with a person that i am not too keen to be around with after i had left the hospital. To think that that person could have greeted me in a better way since it was ages ago that we had some issues. I guess i was wrong. The first greeting to me was that he said that i am an 'orang kaya' a rich person. He must have understood that i left the government practice to be in the private practice is to be rich. I just smiled and said inside Alhamdulillah. But it didnt stop there, he also commented on my losing weight, and nonchalantly says that the reason that i lost weight now is because i am a rich person now and rich person are afraid of dying early. I was stunned, i could have strike back but i chose not to. If i did, it would make me the same level as he is. I chose the higher ground and be humble. I just smiled back and said nothing.

I just pray to God that one day he will realize all the wrongs that he had done, not only to me but towards others too.