Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terry Fox 2011

Last weekend the Terry Fox run was held in Padang Merbok in KL. To tell you the truth i haven't heard of this run before, not until i was coaxed by my friend to join it. He said it was for charity and also it is only a 3.6km run. So, i said ok lah.

The run was started by Terry Fox, he was diagnosed of having an osteosarcoma, a type of cancer of the bone on his right leg. His right leg was amputated as a way to stop the cancer from spreading. He was frustrated by the lack of cancer research at that time, and he was determined to make a difference by raising money to help cancer research. He was determined not to make his disability an excuse not to reach his goal by participating in a marathon. His determination and tale is truly amazing. I truly hope that we can also do something like this not just for cancer, but other reasons as well.

The Terry Fox run was initiated by a man named Isadore Sharp who himself lost a son due to cancer. The run was first held in 1981 which is now in its 31st year. It is a nonprofit run with no sponsors allowed during the run. Anyone can join it as it is considered an informal run.

Group photo with new acquaintances 

My running buddy

Chit chat before the run

Trying to control handsome.. :P

Meeting new friends

I promise i won't run.. don't shoot me..

Looking at a chick stretching (just kidding, hehe)

My friends schoolmate from MCKK

Post run (walking) with our cold Milo

Considering it is an informal run, i decided to just walk (plus i couldn't if i wanted to as there is no room for me to run). Let's just say that the first 1.5km is just walking but then next km i ran as the sun is already shining and it is hot, hehe. Anyway, its a nice weekend and another weekend is upon me. The Penang Bridge International Marathon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



That's the word that keeps on playing in my mind today. Humility to god, and towards other human being. As i was driving back from Kuala Lumpur to Baling, something happened on the highway. I was speeding on the highway with a bend coming, as i approach the bend. I saw people with torch lights waving like mad. I immediately push the brakes to bring my car to stop. Then i looked in front of me, a bus across the road. I was shocked and chills surge through my spine. Thank god i managed to stop my car and pass through slowly from behind the bus.

From what i conclude, the bus was coming from the other direction of the highway (from North to South) and it can't negotiate the bend and smashed through the divider and onto the side of the highway. I cant see if there are other cars involved, but the front of the bus was totally smashed. Then i realized that the accident must have happened about 20-30 mins prior to that, and now i understand why i had woken up late that morning. God was helping me, an insignificant soul among billions of souls. Had i woken up with my regular   time i most probably would have been there at the same time during the bus crashed. You might say that maybe i would have not but you can say too that maybe it could.

God is with us, always. We can only pray and say Alhamdulillah with all the things that God has give to us. Ameen.

I try to be humble around other people too. Yesterday i met with a person that i am not too keen to be around with after i had left the hospital. To think that that person could have greeted me in a better way since it was ages ago that we had some issues. I guess i was wrong. The first greeting to me was that he said that i am an 'orang kaya' a rich person. He must have understood that i left the government practice to be in the private practice is to be rich. I just smiled and said inside Alhamdulillah. But it didnt stop there, he also commented on my losing weight, and nonchalantly says that the reason that i lost weight now is because i am a rich person now and rich person are afraid of dying early. I was stunned, i could have strike back but i chose not to. If i did, it would make me the same level as he is. I chose the higher ground and be humble. I just smiled back and said nothing.

I just pray to God that one day he will realize all the wrongs that he had done, not only to me but towards others too. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whats Up Doc?

Hi Blog,

It's kinda embarrassing since it was ages ago that i put up a post. Let's just say that many things had happened since. The most important one is that my kids are not staying with me now. They are in Kuala Lumpur now, and it's my turn to commute back and forth from Baling to KL.

Moved out from my lovely Government quarters to a smaller house. Rented it from a local fireman. My kids and my wife are staying in a house in KL which i bought last year. Did some renovation to the house. Love the surrounding area. It is quite near to Putrajaya, Bukit Jalil, Puchong and etc.. even going to Midvalley is not a hassle. Come to think of it, going to KLCC, The Curve, Empire and such is not too far too.

The first 3 months was hard for me as my kids had never been apart from me for long. I guess it is hard for them too especially the youngest Afiq Iskandar. We were so close that it caused me to have sleepless nights thinking about them and having to sleep without them. Thursdays have become the day that look forward to every week as it means travelling day back to KL to see them. Contrary to early Monday morning where i head back the other way.

The 2 elder brothers, Aiman and Danial also found it hard to adjust to the new surroundings. The new school, new friends and new way of life. They are use to have me around sending them to school, picking them again and so on. There they had to take the van to school everyday. Initially it was exciting as they were experiencing something new but as the days went by the fire slowly burns. Every Friday it would become a day where i send them and pick them, and if i can't make it they would make a long face.

Afiq too has a new school. QDees. He was not excited of the prospect in going to school. His daily routine was waking up and watch cartoon. It was not difficult to convince him going to school but it was not easy as well, plus every Friday the difficulty level goes up a notch as i am at home with him. Seeing him and his progress in school really amazes me. He can read at the tender of age 3 years plus (he is 4 now last month) and speak a few english words. 

What about me? Well, am still adjusting to the travelling life but there are works that is in progress for me. Insyaallah (god willing) i will be with them sooner than later. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forgive Me

Dear Blog,

Sorry for leaving you in a lurch. I have time but it seems that the time is not for you. I know i'll make it up to you somehow, someway.

Please be patient with me. We'll work this thing out. I promise you.

Monday, January 18, 2010


All my troubles seem so far away..
Now it looks as though they're here to stay..
Oh I believe in Yesterday..

Suddenly I'm not the half the man i used to be..
There's a shadow hanging over me..
Oh yesterday came suddenly..

The song was stuck inside my head while i was driving back from KL to Baling. Yesterday the feeling that i had was a familiar feeling but the last time i had it was 15 years ago.

I was about to go back to Baling and I was sitting in the living room inside my wife's apartment. I was looking at the clock almost every 10 minutes. Then i realized that i was so reluctant to go back that i had wished the time would stop. Just as it was 15 years ago when i was in the boarding school. Every time i was about to go back i would look at the time. I just don't want to go back and wished that i was staying there in KL. All of us together.

Time just wouldn't stop and so life goes on....

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mind block.. writers block.. Goblok..

Dunno what to write. Actually so many things is inside of this head but they are too jumbled up. I can't organize them.

Too many worries, too many expectations, too many at one time... sometimes i just wish that i can take out a magical object from Doraemon's pocket and split myself up.

I wish to be there, but i have to be here. I wish to do that but i need to do this. I wish i can do this but all i can do is that.

I guess i just have to be grateful to God what i have but i just can't escape this feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, insufficient, and incapable..

Saturday, January 9, 2010


On Friday during my 1 day off i took my 3 boys to tho local barber shop as their hair was long and i didn't get them cut before the school starts. My eldest said the school prefect had mentioned to him about his hair and asked him to get it cut. I can still remember when i was his age and i was a prefect at the time, i did the same thing too. Checking on them and their hairstyle plus warning them if their hair is not appropriate. If they still did not follow the school regulation they would get punish or would be taken action.

I guess what i did was just following what the teachers had told us to do. but on thinking further i think its not right to scold the school boys or even take action on them. The boys already know that they are not following school regulation but they can't go to the barber themselves right. I mean they are only about standard 1 to 3 which is considered still young and not independent enough for them to go by themselves.

For me, its the responsibility of the parents to bring their children to the barber. And also to make sure that their children are following the school regulations. So its not right to punish the children alone, the parents should be accountable too. If the child is punished in school, he/she would feel that it is unfair to them as they did not do wrong in their eyes because they already told their parents. We as parents should not just let the teachers take care of everything at the school. We must play a big part too. Asking what they did in school, what did they learn in school and etc..

I just hope that i can be a good parent for them and be there for them when they need me the most. And i hope that i can be a good role model for them. Insyaallah.