Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whats Up Doc?

Hi Blog,

It's kinda embarrassing since it was ages ago that i put up a post. Let's just say that many things had happened since. The most important one is that my kids are not staying with me now. They are in Kuala Lumpur now, and it's my turn to commute back and forth from Baling to KL.

Moved out from my lovely Government quarters to a smaller house. Rented it from a local fireman. My kids and my wife are staying in a house in KL which i bought last year. Did some renovation to the house. Love the surrounding area. It is quite near to Putrajaya, Bukit Jalil, Puchong and etc.. even going to Midvalley is not a hassle. Come to think of it, going to KLCC, The Curve, Empire and such is not too far too.

The first 3 months was hard for me as my kids had never been apart from me for long. I guess it is hard for them too especially the youngest Afiq Iskandar. We were so close that it caused me to have sleepless nights thinking about them and having to sleep without them. Thursdays have become the day that look forward to every week as it means travelling day back to KL to see them. Contrary to early Monday morning where i head back the other way.

The 2 elder brothers, Aiman and Danial also found it hard to adjust to the new surroundings. The new school, new friends and new way of life. They are use to have me around sending them to school, picking them again and so on. There they had to take the van to school everyday. Initially it was exciting as they were experiencing something new but as the days went by the fire slowly burns. Every Friday it would become a day where i send them and pick them, and if i can't make it they would make a long face.

Afiq too has a new school. QDees. He was not excited of the prospect in going to school. His daily routine was waking up and watch cartoon. It was not difficult to convince him going to school but it was not easy as well, plus every Friday the difficulty level goes up a notch as i am at home with him. Seeing him and his progress in school really amazes me. He can read at the tender of age 3 years plus (he is 4 now last month) and speak a few english words. 

What about me? Well, am still adjusting to the travelling life but there are works that is in progress for me. Insyaallah (god willing) i will be with them sooner than later. :)

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