Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am an avid fan of the Transformers, especially the Generation 1 Transformers. I collected a number of the transformers toys when i was in primary school. I had quite a lot actually but sadly it was lost through time as i grow up.
My love for the Transformers didn't fade though. When the first movie (not the animated) came out in 2007, I was ecstatic, i went and watched it with my family and even with Afiq who at that time is still in her mother's womb. The movie was great but i hated the fact that it had a lot of the U.S Military being a true G1 fan.
Now I decided to collect back what i had lost and try to get more. Thanks to Ebay and internet, i was able to.
This entry is about the G1 Headmasters Autobots. Why does it called the Headmasters? It is because the head of the Transformers can be detached and transform into humans or nebulons to be precise.
The Leader or Commander is Fortress Maximus, with 4 other headmasters Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm and Highbrow. I managed to get my hands on the latter 4 but still working on to get Fortress Maximus.

Highbrow, Chromedome, Hardhead and Brainstorm

Hardhead and Brainstorm

Highbrow and Chromedome

Chromedome with Stylor

"A battle plan is only as good as its programmer."

Hardhead with Duros

"It's either MY way -- or NO way!"

Brainstorm with Arcana

"The strongest tyrant cannot crush freedom of thought."

Highbrow with Gort

"War is the playground of the ignorant."

"Prepare for war, but strive for peace."

Hopefully I can get my hands on Fortress Maximus!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nothing much to tell about these past few days but today i could tell that my kids misses their mum so much.
I had trouble in finding them dinner again. As usual. So i decided to bring them to KFC again. As usual. Even though i know that it is not good to bring them often to a fast food restaurant.
while we were eating there my eldest son Aiman spoke to me

"x syok la bak"(i don't feel well) he said

"kenapa?"(why) i asked

"mak tak ada"(mum's not around) He said

"nak buat macam mana, mak belajar kat KL"(what can i do, she's in KL) i said

"kenapa mak belajar jauh sangat, kenapa tak belajar dekat sini aje"(why doesn't she study around here?) He said again

"sebab sekolah mak tak ada kat sini, sekolah mak ada kat KL aje" (because her school is not here, only in KL) I replied

"Aiman nak mak ada selalu kat sini" (but i want her to be here always) He said and then stop short his conversation.

I have no answer for that. I thought after a while all of us can adjust to this situation. but i guess not. Maybe Aiman is tired of eating out or even eating without his mummy.
Maybe i should also stop short of this entry because i'm feeling quite blue myself. :(

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Revenge Of The Fallen

This is the Teaser Poster for Transformers2 : Revenge of The Fallen

Can't wait for the movie to open.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dibius cinta


Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Cinta yang malu kukatakan
Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Sampai aku tak bisa berkata
Kau membiusku sampai aku jadi sering melamun
Memikirkan kita bisakah bersama

Aku dibius Cinta
Cintamu yang tak ada tandingan
Namun mungkin tak bisa
Entah ku tak tahu…
Kita yang malu hati untuk mengakui saling cinta
Usaha sekeras hati bersama selamanya

Aku dibius cinta…

Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Cinta yang malu kukatakan
Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Sampai aku tak bisa berkata
Kau membiusku sampai aku jadi sering melamun
Memikirkan kita bisakah bersama

Aku dibius Cinta
Cintamu yang tak ada tandingan
Namun mungkin tak ada tandingan Entah ku tak tahu…
Kita yang malu hati untuk mengakui saling cinta
Usaha sekeras hati bersama selamanya

Aku dibius cinta…
Aku dibius cinta…
Aku dibus cinta…

The above song is currently Aiman's fav song. He seems to have the liking for Indonesian songs and even Indonesian series especially in Astro Prima.

The song was taken from the original soundtrack of Cicakman2. It is quite a nice song but can't say the same for the movie though.

Anyway, enjoy the song..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday is just another ordinary day in my clinic. Nothing interesting that i can tell you about. Not much of patient from morning until evening. probably due to people are busy with school just starting and they have other things to do and decided to postpone in taking medicine. i suppose...

but as i was about to get ready to go home, a patient came with his parents. The patient is about 1year 6months old. He had previously came to my clinic before. This time he came due to fever and cough with mild nasal congestion. What is so special about him?

Well, he has a congenital disorder or hereditary disease called ichtyosis (ikh tee yo sis). The condition causes the skin to peel and be scaly. In Malaysia people would call them to have 'kenan ular'. sometimes the person that has ichtyosis would only affect certain parts of the body, but if the person has a severe form of the condition it would affect the whole body. The condition also causes the child to scratch his body almost all the time because it is very itchy to him. i can't post his picture as i did not have the consent of the parents to do so.

The main reason that i'm writing this entry is that i feel for the future of the boy. even though he has a very caring and understanding parents from what i see, i'm still afraid on what the people around him would say. i just hope that he would grow up in confidence and not be shy about his condition. because sometime we tend to see on what is infront of us, not what is underneath it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aiman's Big Day

4th January 2009...
The day that i feel old....huhuhuhuh...
well at least that is what my friends tell me....
Why? Today is the first day of my eldest son Aiman starts schooling.
Yes, he is in standard 1 and going to be 7 years old next month. and
NO.. i am not old already...
Just ahead of you guys.

Today all of us starts the day early as we had to be in the school before 7.30 am. Aiman was excited to start his school adventure. but he had a few complaints, he doesn't like to wear undies and he doesn't like to wear socks. he reluctantly agreed after i told him that the teachers want him to wear all the things.

Aiman gearing up for the big day

Danial with his big grin

Aiman and Danial. My 2 heroes.

Aiman waiting for his 'old' dad to get ready

I left him there with his mother as i had to send my second child to his Taska. I went back to the school and Aiman is already with his classmates and standing at the front of the school. They were divided into all the standards from Standard 1 until Standard 6. There were the customary NegaraKu and speeches by the Headmistress and the Penolong Kanan (sort of an assistant headmistress). 1 student even fell down during the assembly, maybe due to not taking her breakfast or feeling boring hearing the speeches.

Waiting for the Headmistress to give her speech

Aiman running towards his classroom

Then the classes started, and we went back afterward. Aiman is temporarily placed in 1 Aktif, later they will conduct a test to place the children according to their capabilities.during the scholl recess we went back to see him. We arrived a bit late and Aiman was already at the school canteen. he couldn't buy anything coz his silly 'old' dad forgot to give him some money. I gave him 2 ringgit. He spent it on a plate of rice, 2 keropok lekor and a warm tea with milk (teh panas).

Aiman enjoying his food like he always does

Can you find Aimans' name? It is number 25. (I really need to learn how to edit photos!!)

Aiman inside his classroom

Thirsty Aiman! Gulping from his Ben10 tumbler

My wife and i left him after the recess was over. At about 11.45am i got a shock of the day!! Aiman called me via a phonebooth in the school asking me to pick him up. Both of us rushed back to school and to our surprise he was inside his classroom listening to the teacher. Later when i picked from school, i asked him why did he called. He answered "Aiman nak balik rumah" when i asked him further why, he has no answer. My best guess is that the time that he called is in between the time table and the teacher came a bit late to the classroom. So he thinks that the school is over already. Hahaha..

A view from Google Earth. Can you see me waving?

All in all it was an uneventful day. Not much of kids crying at school wanting to follow their parents home or running around the school not wanting to stay inside the classroom. To my dear son Aiman, you are a big boy now. From this day forward every day is going to an adventure for you. and i'm going to be here for you should you need any help.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Today is the 1st day of the year 2009.
How did all of you spend your new years day? For me it's no holiday as Kedah doesn't recognise the new year as a public holiday.
I ran my clinic as usual today with a hope of a better year for me and my clinic. Today most of my patients were having common cough and cold. A few have mild chest infection.
but one patient concerns me, the patient is about 60 years of age Malay man. He had been having cough for almost 2 months. There was no blood in the sputum. In fact he has difficulties in producing sputum. he also has a weight loss and hoarseness of voice.
He said that he had sought treatment in other clinics and hospital but not much improvement in his condition. He is more worried about his voice rather than his loss of weight. According to him, he had completed treatments that was given to him.
I examined him thoroughly and found little evidence to support my diagnosis. Or maybe i had missed something. I told him that he might have a pulmonary TB or even worse a malignancy. I tried to convince him that he needs a specialist examination and a full diagnostic to be made.
He said that he doesn't have the resources to go to see a specialist in a private hospital and he doesn't want to wait too long to seek treatment in a government hospital. So i prescibed a few types of medicine to him and asked him to come back and see me after a week.
These kind of situation makes me wish that all of us can have better healthcare treatment. without worrying about the cost or even worrying in how long it takes to see a specialist. I frequently ask myself in how to make things better for my patient and do more for them, but for the meantime i just have to make do in whatever resources that i can provide them with.