Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me? Running?

Penang Bridge Marathon...

The word marathon itself sent chills to my spine. I am not a runner, period. I can't run and certainly not long distance. The moment i start to run, my lung would only allow oxygen in after 2 minutes of running and my stomach would start to cramp. Then, breathlessness kicks in and finally... Vomiting.....

Even though i advocate people to a healthy lifestyle. I for one previously did not have one myself. There are so many reasons that i would give on why not. but that's just it, reasons. In Malay, Alasan. Not enough time, no friends, not prepared, tired... bla bla bla.....

But not now, i was inspired by my friends. They had changed their lifestyle and lead a more healthy life. Even my closest friend enaikay, is now training to become a traithlete. This weekend he has a triathlon event in Kenyir Terengganu. He even cheekily provoked me to be a triathlete. Haha, i could not even swim. But i thought to myself, even though i can't swim. I can do running or cycling. My weight had stagnated for the past month or so due to unhealthy lifestyle, unproper eating habit, not enough rest, and also emotionally unstable. Now i am eating better, and resting more(slightly more but not better) and trying to stabilise my emotion.

Age is no barrier when it comes for a healthy lifestyle

What is interesting about Penang Bridge Marathon? Well, this is the only time of the year that the bridge is closed for traffic to allow the marathon to be organized. This event attracts people from all over the world. Some just came to be in it. Some came to test themselves. Some came to win the event. Whatever it is, it is for fun and a healthy lifestyle.

People from all walks of life enjoying the event

Last year marathon, getting ready for the run

Hope to be there coming November

Last year i had thought about it when i came across the flyer in Baling. Penang Bridge Marathon. Hmmm... it would be a challenge for me to try and enter the marathon. but at that time the marathon is just 2 weeks away and at that time i couldn't even run more than 1 km. So, this time around i wanted to prepare myself in advance. I signed up for the 21km marathon, for starters. The marathon is 240 days to go. Got to start training from now. I think i need a new pair of running shoes. Any suggestions? Will update my progress.

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Four Days of Happiness (Update)

Last Thursday I decided to drive to Kuala Lumpur to attend my cousin son's wedding. What makes this trip extra special and separates from the previous ones? Well, for starters. I drove to KL with my 3 kids. By MYSELF..... It's quite amazing actually what we can achieve if we set our mind to it.

Since my wife is already in KL, it would be quite tiring for her to come back to Baling and back to KL again. I told her that i can do it. She felt nervous obviously as i had never drove that far. The farthest that i had done is bringing all of them to Penang. I reassured her that i will be extra careful and extra vigilant.

After finishing my clinic that evening, i started the journey at about 5.30pm. Aiman, Danial were excited to go to KL, partly due to they are going to see their MUM. Afiq is still blurr...hehehe. Afiq was a good boy all the way to KL. He slept through the journey from Kuala Kangsar onwards. Prior to that, he babbled all the way until Grik. The drive was smooth sailing and we made a pit stop in Tapah for a bite. The toilet in the R&R was also made especially to accomodate parents with the toilet is quite spacious for all 4 of us can get into it, so the parents can keep their eyes on the kids. We reached KL at about 10pm and went straight to The Legend Hotel where my wife is waiting for us.The next day my wife has a class in the morning, so i went to see my mother in Selayang. That morning was awful!! KL was showered with heavy rain, and as a result almost all the road is jammed... It took me almost 2 hours to reach Selayang from Bandar Tun Razak!! My kids were restless inside the car. My kids like to go there as they like playing with their cousins Najla' and Najmi. I stayed there until lunch time and made my way back to my wife's apartment in Bandar Sri Permaisuri. She made a delicious lunch of Sambal Sotong, and Fried Chicken. i felt as if i havent eaten for a year!!! Hehehe. That evening we went to Sunway Pyramid. With one eye sets in playing a game or two of bowling. but we were left disappointed as the Mega Lane was having a tournament that evening. We left shortly afterwards and went to fill our stomach again. This time my wife suggested that we try and have a bite at JM Bariani House in Subang. We ordered Nasi Beriani Kambing and Nasi Beriani Daging with extra lauk of Ayam Masak Merah. and also the famous Air Bandung. The taste was of the beriani was good compared to other places that i have eaten.

The next day we hopped to the other side of the road beside The Legend Hotel to see the ongoing MATTA Fair in PWTC. The crowd was overwhelming and the place was packed like a can of sardines. This made me remember why i hated going to crowded places. One good thing about this fair is that we can go for a holiday for a cheaper and more reasonable price but the bad thing is that we must come prepared as when we are going to go for a holiday and on which date as we have to pay and book on the spot. Oh, i did booked a holiday. At the AVILLION Port Dickson. I am planning to bring my wife there for our 8th anniversary. Well, that is another story to tell later.

That afternoon, we went for my cousin's son wedding in Ampang. We got a bit lost as i wasn't familiar with the road there. After the wedding we went to the TRADERS HOTEL. I wanted to give my kids and wife something special as i wasn't feeling myself for the past 1 month or so. Initially i wanted to book at the Mandarin Oriental but it was fully booked. Anyway, the TRADERS HOTEL was just as nice and good. The staff there were very friendly and helpful. I didn't feel like i was treated like a second class citizen which i had experienced in other local hotels. We luckily got a room at the 26th floor with the view facing the KLCC and the KLCC Park. I was mesmerised with the view, as were my wife and kids. The room was not that big but enough for our family.

The Traders Hotel Signage at the hotel car park

Sitting on the comfy couch

Guys only.. hehe

Aiman trying the Flatscreen Samsung TV

Nice design inside the Bathroom

View of the Gym from our room

With my lovely wife

On the corridor

Breathtaking view of KLCC Park

The majestic KLCC Twin Towers

Another view of the park

The wonderfully lit KLCC with the beautiful lady

Beauty and the 'Beast' ? hehe

Wife with the kids

Nite lights of KL

The Two Towers compliments the beauty

On Sunday, we brought the kids to play and bathe at the KLCC park and pool. They were ecstatic and happy. Afiq was afraid of the water initially but once he found his footing, there was no stopping him. He would play at the pool side by himself. What a courages little boy he is. Aiman and Danial were all over the pool. We were there until 12 noon where the sun is becoming a little too hot to handle. We went back to our room and had a nap before making our way to PJ for another kenduri. That evening we went back to the KLCC and do a little window shopping.

View of the hotel from the park

Afiq enjoying the splash

Aiman and Danial mimicking swimming... hehe...

Run! Run! Lari! Lari! Ada JAWS!!

The next day we went for a second round at the KLCC park as per requests of Aiman and Danial. We played there quite early as the weather was quite hot. Afiq as usual was also very active and playful. Then we went back to KLCC for a drink and made our way back to the TRADERS HOTEL. Oh, i forgot to mention that the hotel provided a transport for its guest to go to KLCC. It is kinda like a golf cart but slightly longer. My kids really enjoyed it. We checked out from the hotel with a heavy heart. I can give the hotel and its staff a 5 star ratings.

KLCC Towers from the Park

The boys playing

Afiq riding a Panda

Afiq putting a brave face sliding...

On our way to KLCC

Afiq with his Mak and Bak

After checking out. Thanks for the lovely stay

That evening, the sad part of the holiday has come. My kids and i had to go back to Baling and leave our darling at Kuala Lumpur. Danial lately has become more critical on why his mum is not around him. Sometimes he always said that other kids mum is always around but not his mum. It is difficult to answer that question but i think he understands why. Aiman is more secretive about his feelings. But deep down inside i know that he feels the same way as his brother. As for me, it is becoming harder and harder. I thought as time goes on i would be able to adjust myself. But apparently not. It is very hard to do things by your own. Luckily i have a nanny that is lovable and caring for the kids. You have to make sacrifices, and i did make a lot of sacrifice. In my own personal time and my own personal needs for the sake of the family. I didn't expected it to be this damn hard, but i have to be strong for myself and for the family.

During the drive back to Baling, Afiq was not comfortable as he has a minor infection. He wasn't able to sleep in his car seat. After the Ipoh utara toll, he vomitted in the car seat. I had to pull over at the Hentian V Point just before the tunnel. It was raining, and i had to change his clothes, and clean the car seat. I had to put Afiq in front with me at the passenger seat as the car seat was wet. He was able to sleep after that and slept all the way to Baling. I had to improvise in dinner and make a drive tru in McD in Juru Autocity. We reached Baling at about 10.30pm after a 5 hours of driving.

All in all, it was a relaxing holiday and a nice way to wind down. Looking forward to another short break.. :)

P.S. will update photos later...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tears In Heaven

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend and brother Nurul Fajar.
Even though we are thousands of miles apart.
You and your family are close in my heart.

To Allahyarham,
Amir Yusuf bin Nurul Fajar
27/06/08 - 06/03/09

The sad news was broken to me by Nik, shortly afterwards i received an sms by Fajar. Saying that Amir is no longer with us. He has moved on to a better place. He is loved more by the God Almighty Allah.
I have never met Amir. But deep down inside i felt that i have. Fajar always spoke of him and asking me for advice regarding Amir. I felt the urge to go and personally see him in Glasgow but due to certain reasons i was not able to.
From the way that Fajar had spoken of him, i knew that Amir was a fighter, just as his father is. For him to survive with all his ailments is the testament to that. He had to undergo many life threatening procedures and operations. but he kept on fighting and living. I knew that he is trying to make his parents proud of him and wants them not to worry about him.
But with all the efforts put by him and the medical specialist around him. It was not to be. It is written, Qada and Qadar. This is a test by Allah. Amir and his parents stood by the test and managed to pass the test. It is time to move on.
Heaven is waiting for you Little Amir Yusuf. and hopefully we can meet you there.

Whenever i hear this song. I would think of you my 'son'.
Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.
Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?
I'll find my way Through night and day,
'Cause I know I just can't stay Here in heaven.

Time can bring you down,
Time can bend your knees.
Time can break your heart,
Have you begging please, begging please.

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sea of despair.

I am flooded. not by the torrential rain here with the weather changing from the dry season to the rainy season, but a flood of emotions.
I thought that i was strong enough to face the tidal wave caused by the flood or even brave enough to face the tsunami of feelings. Alas, i was wrong. I was unprepared, i was taken off guard. The ship that i command was smooth sailing with all the crews in its place.
The tidal wave and the tsunami was stronger than i anticipated. It tore up the ship, and i was left with bits and pieces of the emotional wreckage. I was floating aimlessly in the sea of despair and gloom. I had no where to go. i couldn't find my crew. I was lost. I WAS ALONE.
NO!! I can't give up. Not now. Not never. In my torn pocket i grabbed a piece of remembrance of my crew."Afiq, Danial, Aiman, And Sayang....... Bak will be strong for all of you. Bak will hang on" Then the sun came and i knew that there was hope.....