Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year...

My resolutions for next year? Hmmmm..... I've got a few...

But first, let's look back in 2008. This year has been a good year for me, i've been able to travel around, made a few trips back to JayBee, shopping a lot! and i do mean a lot!! bought a new car, a honda stream, started to save some money in Public Mutual, and etc....

So, here goes. My resolutions for next year is..

1. To lose more weight...i've been neglecting my workout for the past 2 months or so.

2. To collect more Transformers Generation 1 toys...

3. To collect more Graphic Novels.

4. To help more people.

5. To start and design my dream home.

That's my top 5 resolutions. Hopefully i can achieve these goals.

To All....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Aiman's view

This is a mug coaster set given to me by a sales rep of a drug company. Haven't been using it much since i got it. but now i decided to use it since we bought a new dining table. The coaster set consists of 6 coaster in 3 colors, red, white and green.

Aiman later played with it and suddenly he showed me what the coasters can also become.
I guess kids have different views and have more lateral thinking than adults. Maybe we should encourage them to think more outside the box rather than the usual norm. Mmmm, i wonder what else can it turn into?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

nasi lemak kukus.... episode 1

I had a problem today.......

What is my problem? i don't know what to eat for dinner. That had been the case since for ages, especially when my wife is not around the house.

Then i remembered a shop outside of baling that sell nasi lemak kukus. i had wanted to try and have a bite there. so after i came back from work and after maghrib i brought all the 3 kids and went our way there.

The shop is about 20 minutes from baling. luckily the weather is kind to us tonight as it wasn't raining tonight. But, lady luck wasn't as nice. I almost missed the shop as the road that we were on were poor lighted. but then i realised that i missed the shop because the shop is close tonight and the sign board wasn't on.

oh well.... we went back to baling and i decided to just eat at our usual place Seri Landak Seafood. but tonight we did not order our usual menu of ikan bakar but i decided to have a small meal of nasi goreng cina tak pedas for danial and nasi goreng pataya for aiman. i shared in between them...oh! Afiq fell asleep during the trip and i let him sleep inside the car while we had our dinner. Don't worry ma, the car is parked beside us so i can watch him all the time.

We went straight back at home and end episode 1. See you in episode 2. It will be more interesting. Hehe.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Another week has gone by, this week had been a hectic week for me and my family. Earlier in the week we had spent our Eid Adha in Alor Star at my parent inlaws house. We celebrated the raya in a modest celebration. My sisters' two elder brothers and her sister came back for the Raya.
they even managed to do some fishing...
but they only caught a non-edible crab...hehe

By the second day of raya, we made a move back to Baling. but my wife and i had to go back to Kuala Lumpur as she is starting her new semester the next day. The kids stayed at home with mak Lang (the nanny) taking care of them. we arrived at KL by 5 pm and the downpour was just starting there. We decided to make a pitstop to Midvalley. Had a short dinner and windowsopped a bit. Later that evening my wife sent me to the bus station in Jalan Duta as i am working the next day. i reached baling at about 4a.m.

The next few days was also busy as it seems many people got ill due to the uncertain weather and also due to the Raya celebrations (overeating i guess). Diabetic cases also went up as was hypertensive cases. Thursday evening i took the kids to the playground as i had the spare time that evening. Afiq also enjoyed playing there. Aiman and Danial doesn't need the encouragement because as soon as we had arrived there, they quickly rushed out the car and play. Afiq looked a bit scared when sliding down from the playground. Hehe.

Afiq trying the slide....he was nervous...haha
Afiq with Aiman

In another note, i am praying for my dearest friend fajar's son, He had another setback in his illness and had to undergo another operation. My thoughts and Prayers are with him always.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Err Is Human

To Err Is Human, To Forgive is Divine.

Recently our DG of Health made a statement regarding the discovery of doctors in malaysia suffering mental illness. Reaction from the statement surprisingly hasn't come much from certain quarters. Mostly readers would comment on the issue through the Star Reader SMS.

It is said that these doctors got through the medical school due to the selection criteria is not strict enough. I wonder if you are really sick or a 'sicko', can you pass the medical school in the first place before you start your work as a Houseman in the Government Hospitals?
Are they really sick in the first place or are they couldn't cope with the hectic life and the ultra -pressure working as a houseman? It is not easy working as a houseman in Malaysia. but, i am proud to say that i have managed to get through it. Even though technically you can't be blame if you made a mistake in managing patients but the truth is that you WILL get blame by your superiors if something goes wrong. You just have to accept the fact that you are a slave to your work, to your patients, to your staffs and to your superiors. As my lecturer once said, 'houseman is the lowest lifeform in the world".
Houseman will start working as early as 6 am sometimes as they have to see all patients before the MO's and before the Specialist's come to do their rounds. They then would go for oncall for 24 Hours and later continue their work the next day until the evening sometimes. The total working hours could reach until 36 Hours or more. They have to remember that doctors are humans too, and to err is human. In the US now they are trying to reduce the number of working hours. It doesn't take a nuclear scientist to understand that the longer you work with minimal rest, the more chances that you might make a mistake resulting in Medical Negligence.
I am not trying to discourage people from taking up medicine, but sometimes it is just not fair trying to blame these doctors that suffers from these illness. You have to look both ways, from the doctors and also from the system itself.
These are my view regarding this issue, i still think that the medical profession is a noble profession. It is not about glamour nor about self-pride. It is about helping people. Amin....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

While I Was Away

While I Was Away....

I was disconnected from the internet....Huhuhu...

I got a new ExStream surprise.....hahahaha

My wife is in her long holiday until Aidiladha......yeaaaaa

I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with my family.....woooohoooo

I got addicted to Ebay.......huaaaaaaa

I missed blogging...........

but now......

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!