Saturday, January 9, 2010


On Friday during my 1 day off i took my 3 boys to tho local barber shop as their hair was long and i didn't get them cut before the school starts. My eldest said the school prefect had mentioned to him about his hair and asked him to get it cut. I can still remember when i was his age and i was a prefect at the time, i did the same thing too. Checking on them and their hairstyle plus warning them if their hair is not appropriate. If they still did not follow the school regulation they would get punish or would be taken action.

I guess what i did was just following what the teachers had told us to do. but on thinking further i think its not right to scold the school boys or even take action on them. The boys already know that they are not following school regulation but they can't go to the barber themselves right. I mean they are only about standard 1 to 3 which is considered still young and not independent enough for them to go by themselves.

For me, its the responsibility of the parents to bring their children to the barber. And also to make sure that their children are following the school regulations. So its not right to punish the children alone, the parents should be accountable too. If the child is punished in school, he/she would feel that it is unfair to them as they did not do wrong in their eyes because they already told their parents. We as parents should not just let the teachers take care of everything at the school. We must play a big part too. Asking what they did in school, what did they learn in school and etc..

I just hope that i can be a good parent for them and be there for them when they need me the most. And i hope that i can be a good role model for them. Insyaallah.

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