Monday, January 18, 2010


All my troubles seem so far away..
Now it looks as though they're here to stay..
Oh I believe in Yesterday..

Suddenly I'm not the half the man i used to be..
There's a shadow hanging over me..
Oh yesterday came suddenly..

The song was stuck inside my head while i was driving back from KL to Baling. Yesterday the feeling that i had was a familiar feeling but the last time i had it was 15 years ago.

I was about to go back to Baling and I was sitting in the living room inside my wife's apartment. I was looking at the clock almost every 10 minutes. Then i realized that i was so reluctant to go back that i had wished the time would stop. Just as it was 15 years ago when i was in the boarding school. Every time i was about to go back i would look at the time. I just don't want to go back and wished that i was staying there in KL. All of us together.

Time just wouldn't stop and so life goes on....

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